JR Insurtech

JR Insurtech

The fast and intuitive insurance consulting platform.

We’ve made the entire insurance application process easier for agents and customers. The users can easily query the premium of policy and receive agent recommendations by AI-powered deep learning algorithms. JR Insurtech is the all-inclusive next-generation platform transforms the traditional selling process

Remote insurance consulting made easy

Agents and customers can complete the whole insurance purchasing process online with a smooth experience.

Instant quote, fast-track case processing

90 seconds to get quotes, 5 minutes to get insured. A smooth experience for customers and agents

Straightforward document upload and electronic sign-off

Simple for customers to upload any verification documents and apply e-signatures.

Plenty of options, transparent choices

Comparing quotes from top insurers all in one place. Recommend agents by AI-powered deep learning algorithms.

Designed for the best customer experience

Message chat and voice calling provide a personable experience to customers.

Intelligence system to reducing manual works

Built-in validation rules, error checking and suggestions. Consolidate your work every step of the way.

Agent portal for smart case management

Customer information, sales tracking, KPI dashboard and all the information agents need to be exceptional.